Multi Colored Sofa Italian Style

Multi Colored Sofa

Back View
Deformity is not always a synonym for decadence or misshape. Sometimes, distortions reveal an underlying opposing force, a force that gets `released`, trying to break free from its contraining shell to challenge the pre-established order which was imposed upon it. Breaking free has always been the duty of every human being: breaking free from prejudices, the past, nostalgia, false values, superficiality, boredom, `political correctness,` tiredness, repetitiveness, `bad` friendships, frills, ignorance, conversation, habits, etc. You certainly remember the splendid, in its own way, Hellenistic Laocöon group unearthed when Michelangelo was young and which exterted a profound influence on the artist. Just think of the `Notte` and `Giorno` and `Crepuscolo` and `Alba` of Medicean tombs. This  multi colored sofa seemingly pretentious introduction is meant to clarify that `Michetta Two` deals with objects striving to free themselves of shapes or schematic and rigid impositions. Our time is liquid and our objects are proof of it. They need to break free from preconceived notions and pre-established schemes, which are now thing of the distant past.  


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