Gamal Rezek Furniture in Damietta Egypt

Gold Frame
Chaise Lounge
Baroque Sofa 
French Armchair 
Gamal Rezk is a french Furniture Company Was Established In Damietta Egypt, 1980, By The Owner And The General Director, Mr. Gamal Rezk Specialized In Producing Both Finished And Unfinished Classic reproduction Furniture such as ; living rooms , upholstered and non upholstered Chairs, Tables, Consoles, mirrors , salons And Antiques, Using high quality Materials And fabric. The company awarded ISO 9001 - 2000 certificate for producing unites with highly care and inspection.It exports already to Russian , France and USA.You can find all information about the company in its website by click here the factory address in industrial zone. 


  1. There's a painting imbibed on an antique chair..That really caught my fancy..The fabric and carving make it an altogether great piece.

  2. These are really beautiful chairs.The carvings are pretty fantastic too.


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