Classic Furniture Stores in Egypt ( Cairo - Alexandria - Damietta )

Furniture Stores in Egypt
There is an easy way to find classical furniture design stores in Cairo or Alexandria or damietta , you can visit their web sites online and ask about stock availability . Check their prices and write them down next to the names of the models your are interested  .Compare their prices then visit the best you like. You can Request measurements of the furniture from these stores , and then size up the area you want to put this antique reproduction. Make sure it fits and try to get a sense of what it will look like before you buy.

Below is best classic furniture companies in Egypt you can click the company name and find information about them ( location - contact information and website if available - design style and product range)
  • Gamal Rezk Furniture Company.
  • Georgette Antiques for Export.
  • Hussein Abd El Fattah.
  • Iereny Furniture.
  • Kandil Egypt.
  • La Terrasse.
  • Maville Furniture.
  • Mesbah Furniture.
  • Meuble for French Furniture.
  • Misr Toronto for Furniture.
  • Mobeliana Furniture Company.
  • Mobilor.
  • Modern Factory for Chandelier Art.
  • New Stylisia Diab.
  • New Versailles Co. For Fine Furniture.
  • Shaaban Brothers.
  • Shabana Establishment for Furniture.
  • Shadishal Group.
  • Shoulah Furniture Co. 
  • Teleb Furniture.
  • Tiba Furniture Co. 
  • Two Brothers.


  1. Antique furnitures creates a different ambiance in ever homes and they are really pretty exotic.


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