4 Less Antique Furniture 1800 - 18th Eighteen Century Reproduction

Italian Living Room 18 Century 

Antique Salon 1800 hundreds 

Eighteen century Classic living room 

Antique Sofa in Italian Style 
When we talk about antique Italian furniture style, we mean the highest quality, comfort and sophistication. Italian furniture is revered as the standard worldwide.furniture in Italy defines the main directions in the international furniture fashion. And in this primacy is not surprising.

From ancient Rome to the XXI century It is famous for beautiful and quality furniture ever since ancient Rome.

This flowering of carpentry in Italy was in the era of Renaissance. Italian Furniture XV-XVII centuries conquered many nations. On European Antique market at the time the furniture of Italy is represented by the trunks, chests (and later boxes), seating, chairs, beds with carved elements. It was typical furnishings state rooms and bedrooms, the first classic Italian living room . The concept of "furniture in Italy," while hardly existed, but the Italian furniture, no doubt appreciated rather high, and could afford to buy it 


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