Importers Tips of Egyptian Furniture in Italian and French Style.

French Table 
The Best way to Buy high quality Egyptian furniture it to visit the Furnex Furniture Exhibition you will be able to explore all exporters of reproduction furniture , so if you are an importer of Italian and French style  , or a project contractor so you will find all your needs to be realized the following are tips and tricks if you will visit the Furniture Fair in Egypt :

  • Start scanning all exporters and mark the items you are interested.
  • Get contact information of suppliers you decide and get a catalog of items you decide to buy.
  • Email these companies when you are in your country and ask for quotation.
  • Negotiate with prices to get the best discount possible.
  • Send your order and you will have to pay 50 Percent to suppliers.
  • Regularly the supplier will be responsible of packaging and shipping.
French Stand 
Italian Table


  1. Beautiful chairs. I must obey the tips at the time of buying this. Nice product.
    Italian Chairs


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