Furniture Workshop ( Painting - Antiquing - Design )

Painting Furniture Workshop
Furniture workshops make unique creations of Italy Doors are certainly all techniques used by carpenters, carvers, decorators and lacquerers company , all highly qualified. A real team work which can be seen at work concluded, the decoration is studied in detail.

Furniture design Workshop
So much so that the decorations, which can also be raised, are present inside the furniture and even inside the drawers. Just the decorations are the real strength of the furniture. Each product design which may take such inspiration from the sky, a flower, a sunset. Once prepared the piece from the artisans, it is processed and colored painting with tempera to then be "beautified" with decorative painting elements taken from the past and you can easily find in old buildings. Like, for example, the medallions that decorate the walls of the eighteenth-century villas, which are found then moving classic furniture company . And to give effect to furnishings using the ancient weathering: the surface is applied a special coating that helps to "age" mobile, offering the charm of the object of another era.
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Antiquing Workshop


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