Painting Decorative Furniture

Decorative Bedroom Painting 

The painting on wood school, despite being one of the last founded, soon gained an excellent reputation for the quality of its furnishing panels.Development of ideas, development of the systems, collaborative design interior and
construction craft, are the fundamental steps that lead to creation of exclusive items, precious and timeless, the large effect decorative.

Original or reworked from old prints and antique models, handmade on canvas or directly on wood dining rooms , bedrooms , cabinet and sofas, they are finished with the utmost care. Each work is accompanied by a certificate that guarantee that documents authenticity, explains how the artifact and describes the materials.So those who buy a Woodart creation is sure to know in deeply into the nature and value. Always.

The careful selection of woods and raw materials is the starting point of our great quality work and clear signal of the particular care taken in all stages of production.Masterpieces craftsmen shape the cherry or walnut finish selected, the finish, taking care of every detail with artistic wisdom according to ancient traditions and tested techniques.
Painting Cabinet 
Decorative Tables 
Decorative Sofa 
Painting Decorative Dining room 


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