Looking For Antique Furniture Factory ?

Antique Furniture Factory   -  image bygilles nouailhac 

If you looking for a factory that help you in your antique furniture business you have to find the following :

Furniture Workshop -  image by gilles nouailhac 
  • Over the years the factory should has developed a large and extensive experience in artistic production of furniture.
  • Factory's carpenter should be able to breathe more various flavors typical of solid wood: walnut, cherry, oak and lime are just some of the noble essences that are processed for production of furniture.
  • The factory collections must be a wide range of articles: walls is a modular system with shoulder elements, kitchens, Boise, rooms ,bedrooms, dining rooms. Everything is classic style furniture and can be antiqued.
  • factory structure shaould allow to give life to your needs: from the study, development and prototyping, and then produce series or produce according to your personal needs, with the possibility to be followed by very experienced designers
Upholstery Furniture workshop - image by gilles nouailhac 
Classic Furniture Factory - image by gilles nouailhac 
Seats Workshop - image by gilles nouailhac 


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