Sofa Set in Victorian Style ( Victorian Salon Furniture )

Victorian Sofa Set 

Wholly hand carved sofa set in Victorian style out from solid wood . The Victorian Salon Furniture is enriched with gold foil details The splendid fabrics match the bright blue of the velvet with the precious material of the back realized with metail particles and refined in the middle with a swarovski decor crystal. The small table in ferrarese walnut briarwood is lightly inlaid with several kind of essences in color polychromy the Victorian Salon " see also Victorian Bed room and Victorian and French Provincial furniture "   Include three seat Victorian Style sofa , Two Victorian Armchairs ,one center table and one beside Victorian style Table.

Victorian Chair
Victorian Salon Chair original 
Victorian Salon Table 
Victorian Style Sofa 
Victorian Couch 
Victorian Salon Sofa 


  1. By setting up an outdoor sofa set in an open environment of your house you can enjoy a delightful feeling of peace and joy. It will become a perfect place for you to rest and relax. This will help you remove all unwanted worries that cause depression and stress.

  2. I absolutely love the vintage look of this furniture! That Victorian salon sofa is beautiful, and someday I hope to have a house filled with "salon" furniture that looks like it. Everything in that time period gives this feel of elegance and undeniable beauty.

  3. I'm looking for a set like this. Where can I get ir and for what price?

    Pedro Nuno

  4. for prices you can check our company website for classical interior


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