How to Buy High Quality Classic Furniture ?

  • The best way to buy high quality classic furniture is to visit furniture international fairs like : The Saloni 2010 in Milano you can visit The Saloni 2010 website here or Maison Objet in paris you can visit Maison Objet 2010 website here , not only these fairs a magnetic pole for all professionals in high quality classic furniture , but also you will be able to explore the world of home fashion.
  • Visit Exhibitors location at these fairs and make a comparison , check their prices and write them down next to the names of each item.
  • Request measurements from them and then size up the area you want to put these high quality classic furniture , make sure it is suitable before you buy.

  • Request and read their shipping and return policy carefully , most companies allow return in special cases 
  • Send them an order online and wait for an estimation time frame and payment terms which should be sent via email after receiving your order.


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