How I can Sell My Used Furniture

you can sell your used furniture and make good profit by following these steps you may need these things Stain remover - Cleaner - Polish - Dust Rag - and camera

Step 1
Find which items in your furniture you need to sell . Specify which pieces need to be cleaned or polished or  stained or repaired ?

Step 2
you should use stain remover  before you start cleaning. . you have to test the product on a hidden area of the furniture to make sure it doesn't make a bigger stain. If the product is safe to use, allow it to set on the stain for at least some minutes before wiping.

Step 3
Start cleaning the furniture to know exactly  how it looks. If the piece of furniture is a covered piece such as a Big Sofa or Armchair,  clean it with a vacuum cleaner. If the piece is antique table or antique console , clean it with a dust rag and polish.

Step 4
Decide your selling price for the furniture. You should consider some money for negotiating power.

Step 5
Place an ad in your newspaper stating which type of furniture you are selling. Be sure to include your phone number for more information about price and shipping.

Step 6
The fastest way to sell used furniture is to sell it online you can include all information about your furniture so the buyer can buy it easily - The best website to sell your used furniture is to Place your furniture for bid on eBay .


  1. Pleased to find your site, as I, too, have just bought a 1930s furniture. I would love some direction on desgn and decorating. So much character in the house; orginal hardware, arched doorways, parquet floors, and a fireplace (which currently has a pellet stove and which I intend to replace with a gas insert). I’ll check back here for more advice. thanks.


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