How do I Can Start a Furniture Business and Open My Store ?

To have a successful furniture business, you need to Choose your initial Stock and fill needs other furniture stores in your market aren't meeting there are a lot of  opportunities with the variety of home decors and accessories.

  • Decide which type of  furniture you want to sell. you may want to specialize in antique furniture which unlike any other material purchases retain and increase in value they are sound investment as they appreciate in value.Your choice may reflect your own taste and interest, but it should identify a need in your market.
  • Write your furniture business plan  Your business plan should include your goals, mission and methods. A budget should also accompany your business plan. With a completed business plan, you are more likely to obtain financing from various sources.

  • Find a suitable location for your furniture business. If you run your furniture business online exclusively, you will only need a warehouse location. However, if you want to run a business with a showroom, you will need a location that is commercially zoned and in a higher traffic area of your market . 
  • Make a license for your business 
  • Search for wholesalers Shop around to get the best prices possible. 
  • Visit other stores. and learn from them what you can do better than them in your store and find which items have high demands in your market.
  • Hire or buy a used a delivery truck, apply your furniture store's name to the vehicle.

You will need the following for your furniture business  : Business license , Wholesaler contacts , Location ,
Delivery truck


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