Rococo Bedroom Furniture With Rich Carvings

Rococo Bedroom Furniture Sets With Rich Carvings of the mid 18th Century 

a unique antique bedroom furniture ,  result of the refined matching between the precious finishings of the mid 18th century Lombard Italian baroque and the Rococo Bedroom ( 1740 - 1775 ) The rich carvings and the precious olive briarwood of the beside tables and of the chest of drawers crown the magnificence of the bedroom , whose heart is the splendid bed head with golden and turquoise silks.

This Rococo bedroom Sets include the following items :

Rococo Bed : 235 L x 13 D  x 180 H

Rococo Orthopedical Spring : 195 L x 190 D  x 35 H

Rococo Orthopedical Mattress : 195 L x 190 D  x 18 H

Rococo Beside Table: 55 L x 42 D  x 75 H

Chest of Drawers with Mirror : 145 L x 60 D  x 90 + 110 H


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  2. rich look and also the color looks so pretty


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