Direttorio Style Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom in Direttorio Style ( 1792 - 1805 )

A harmonious and precious elegance of this royal bedroom  , Which joins the rich sumptousness of the Rococo Bedroom furniture  ( 1740 - 1775 ) to the clean refinement of the furnishings . The finely hand - carved out of solid wood elements reach their highest splendour in the head of the antique bed , which is furthur on enriched with golden and turquoise silks.

The fine linearity of the Italian mirror and of the table with pink Portuguese marble gives supreme elegance to the room , while the polished austerity of the six doors wardrobe completes the harmony of this model.

This Direttorio Style bedroom include the following items :

Direttorio Bed : 235 L x 13 D x 180 H

Orhopedical spring : 195 L x 190 D x 35 H

Orhopedical mattress : 195 L x 190 D x 18 H

Beside table: 55 L x 39 D x 68 H

Direttorio Dressing Table with mirror : 195 L x 54D x 81+130H

Armchair : 70 L x 70 D x 110 H

Stool : Diam.45 x 52H

Small table with marble top : Diam.70 x 70 H

Five Door Wardrobe: 275 L x 60 D x 245 H


  1. I love this bedroom collection, especially the finishing touch..sooo...smooth...

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