Bedroom Furniture in Art Deco Style

Hand-Carved solid wood bedroom in revistied Deco Style ( 1912 - 1925).

The sinuous curves of the gold foil carvings and the matching of the golden details with the turquoise silks and with brilliance of the Swarovski Crystal home decor buttons give a unique look and an extremely precious touch to this art deco furniture model.

The delicate multi-wood veneers inlays give furthur refinement to the bedside tables and to the toilet , whose soft shapes and fine carved decorations create a supreme harmony in the room.

This art deco bedroom furniture include the following items :

Art deco Bed : 200 L x 13 D x 175 H

Art deco orthopedical spring : 195 L x 190 D x 35 H

Art deco beside table : 62 L x 50 D x 61 H

Art deco table with mirror : 172 L x 65 D x 78+104 H

Art deco stool : 52 L x 52 D x 88 H


  1. The wood working detail and rich colors... simply stunning.

  2. if you need more information about this art deco bed room furniture style you can email me at

  3. Speechless. This is positively stunning! Wow.

  4. It is ver pretty, but it is extremely early art deco and has more than a jugendstil (art nuveau)flavor to it.

  5. agreed. I've been calling it ar nouveau for months.


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