Sitting Room Furniture Louis XIV Style

Louis XIV Sitting Room Furniture 

The Preciousness of the fabrics and the sumptousness of the braidings are exalted by the finely hand-carved out of solid wood and refined in antiqued gold foil elements.The polished antique table with pink portuguese marble harmoniously matches with the richness of the furnishings and gives further brightness to the decoration and to the golden silks of the antique living room Style.

The final result is a hymn to the elegant magnificence of the sun king's style ( louis XIV sitting room Style )

The Sitting Rooms include the following items :

Three Seat Sofa : 205 L X 80 D X 110 H

Sitting Room Arm Chair : 87 L X 80 D X 110 H

Centeral Table With Marble Top : 110 L X 65 D X 51 H

Flower Stand : 50 L X 50 D X 120 H


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