Royal Bedroom furniture

Antique Royal Bedroom Furniture

This Royal Bedroom furniture include Canopy matching the finish of curtains different items like headboard and decorations are finished and lacquered with antique gold leaf finish 24 Kt Gold the royal bedroom include the following items :

Royal Bed King Size : 97"L x 86"W x 96"H

Royal Beside Tables : 28"L x 20"W x 25"H

Dresser : 73"L x 24" W x 31"H

Royal Mirror : 49"L x 3"W x 60"H

Antique Stool : Ø16" x 18H

Standing Mirror : 60"L x 25" W x 99"H

Royal Tables and Chairs : 42"L x 30"W  x 30"H

TV Armoire : 72''L x 34"W  x 93"H

Royal Console and Mirror :  90.2"W x 19.2"H x 30.5"H    46"W x 4"D x 51"H


  1. where can I buy this set?

  2. please email me at for details information about this item

  3. How much will it cost for the whole set (Royal Bedroom)? pls can you send me catlogue pls

  4. can you email me regarding royal bed room furniture at


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