Italian Office Furniture Russian Style

Italian Office Furniture in solid mahogany wood expression of the early 19th - century . Russian style

severe  important and at the same time refined and aristocratic , it represents culture of the period of translated and experienced in the furnishing of the rich buildings.

hand carved and finely inlaid with different wood veneers on exotic mahogany base. The splendid exotic mahogany used for boiserie paneling represents the best of the material used in the antique reproduction of the environment .

The calss of the decors in the brushed silver leaf makes the sober and serious style of this model appealing and harmonic see also Italian dining room furniture and Italian Sofa set Furniture

Antique Italian Reproduction Russian Style Furniture office Include :

Italian Desk with Leather Top : 200 Length x 100 Depth x 75 Hight

Italian Computer Cabinet With Leather Top : 95 Length x 60 Depth x 78 Hight

Italian Swivel Leather Armchair : 75 Length x 75 Depth x 120 Hight

Antique Italian chair : 65 Length x 68 Depth x 105 Hight

Italian Bookcase : 240 Length x 50 Depth x 230 Hight

Italian Small Table : 55 Length x 55 Depth x 45 Hight

Italian 1 SQMT Mahogany Boiserie Panel


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    Antique Office Furniture


  3. email me at and i will provide you all information you want to know about this office furniture in Italian style

  4. All I can say is WOW! This is some of the most beautiful office furniture I have ever seen. I have a true passion for that vintage/elegant look when it comes to furniture and I truly appreciate you sharing it with us all. Best Regards.

  5. Mahogany furniture once stood for luxury. The durability and texture of the wood is commendable. I really like the dark wooden texture. I have a small table made up of mahogany wood in my conservatory. Now I know what I need to do with it :)

  6. The furniture is classy. It reminds me of the office of gangsters shown in old movies. But the sophistication is really appreciated. I can imagine the feeling the furniture would give.


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