Empire Living Room Furniture Set

Antique Living Room Furniture Set Empire Style 

Empire style living room finished with brass decoration and walnut color

The french living room include the following items : 

Empire 3 Seat Sofa 38" H x 82" W x 33" D

Empire 2 Seat Sofa 38" H x 67" W x 33" D
Empire Arm Chair 38" H x 46" W x 33" D

Empire Center Table  : 20" H x 58" L x 37" W
Empire Lamp Table 25" H x 28" L x 20" W

Empire Chaise Lounge
Empire Couch 81.5”W x 24.4”D x 34.3”H
Empire Partition Cabinet 54.4”W x 16.1”D x 83.1”H
Empire High Floor Cabinet 74.8”W x 22.8”D x 30.7”H
Empire Table Lamp 18.9''W x 12.6"D x 29.5"H
Empire Floor Lamp Ø20.8" x 71.3"H
Empire Flower Stand 14.2"W x 14.2"D x 39"H

other fabric for French sofa


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