A Solid Wood Lounge Italian Sofa Set Expression of The 18 Century Transition

The magnificence of the early 18th century is replaced by a romantic sense of delicate , aristocratic , the refined in all its essence.

The boiserie paneling gently  decorated with precious silk and refined carving represents the artistic pomp of court buildings.

The elements are finely hand-carved out of solid wood , delicately finished with antique gold leaf on decape treated red base , covered with precious silk and decorated by elegant braiding.

the detail of the buttons in clear Furniture Swarovsky crystal and pink Portuguese marbles crown and complete this elegant antique Italian sofa set.

Sofa Set Description 

Three Seats sofa : 225 Length x 90 Depth x 120 Height Cm  With Fabric in meters : 14

Armchair : 105 Length x 90 Depth x 125 Height    With Fabric in meters : 7

Oval Coffee Table with Rosa Portoagallo Marble Top : 145 Length  x 80 Depth x 45 Height

Round Table with Rosa Portoagallo Marble Top : 70 Length  x 70 Height cm

Decorative Cushion with Swarosky Button : 45 Length     with fabric in meters :1

Decorative Cushion : 60 Length x 60 Depth   with fabric in meters :0.7

Decorative Cushion : 40 Length x 40 Depth  with fabric in meters :0.5

1 SQMT Lacquered Boiserie Finished with fabric upholstered panels 


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