Identify Antique Console Furniture Style

I Get this email from Carreen and Matthew Schroeder and i wish from all blog readers to help her by sharing your comments 

I am doing an internet search and wondered if you might be interested in the following item and/or if you could help us give it an appropriate value.  If you are interested, please contact me, Carreen, at 716-531-1359 or my husband Matthew at (716) 523-9790.  We are in the Western New York area.

I was fortunate enough to receive a response email from Mr. Leigh Keno of the Antique Road Show, who agreed with the antique furniture dealer from whom I purchased this set, that it is indeed  Antique Italian Console which is difficult for him to give an appropriate evaluation of the age through the pictures.  I've forwarded you Mr. Keno's email to me and the same pictures I've sent to him.  Any help you could offer us, would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Ms. Schroeder,

Thank you for your email and kind words!   I agree that the Set is Italian but I can’t tell how old it is from the photos. It may be early 20th century or later.

I am sorry you are in a financial crisis---depending on where you are you could try Cottones ( an auction house upstate) .  Dealers are reluctant to buy right now but you could try. Did you pay a lot? .

I really wish you good luck with everything.  



Leigh KenoKeno Auctions127 East 69th StreetNew York, NY
10021tel: +1 212 734 2381fax: +1 212 734 0707


  1. Antique Italian Console Table Rococo Period from Mid-18th century and the value for this console range from 4000 $ to 5000 $


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