European Antique Wood Casket - Mother of Pearl

Antique European Wood Casket - Mother of Pearl 

Circa :  1680 - 1690
Country of origin : Germany
Dimensions : H: 5 1/8 x W: 1 ft. 5/8 in. x D: 10 1/8 in.
Material Used : Rosewood veneered with brass,, copper,

The bronze marquetry scene decorating the top of this antique European wood casket shows the goddess Venus attended by four putti. One brushes her hair, second catch an antique mirror, a third ties her sandal, and a fourth offers her a jewel or an earring from antique chest. Around the two sides, sleeping putti recline on rocks surrounded by birds and flowering trees.

This antique decoration reflects the mother-of-pearl's original function, to hold articles for use in a woman's toilette. It would have sat on a dressing table with other boxes of various shapes and sizes, possibly holding such objects as combs, brushes, and ribbons.


  1. the design of the legs and guild work aswell as the panels are spectacular

  2. very beautiful...


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