Antique Italian Furniture Designs

Antique Italian Bed Room Furniture

Antique Italian Dining Room furniture

Antique Italian Living Room

Italian Antique Gold Leaf Reproduction Furniture Table

Antique Italian Console Table

Italian big Hall Table

Top Italian Antique Furniture Designs in 2009 :

you will see above the best pieces i have chosen to be considered the top Antique Italian furniture designs for this year ,  all these models from antique Italian bed room , dining room , living room , console and tables can be finished using the following finishing samples ( shining gold leaf , gold and silver leaf , antique walnut with gold leaf , antique gold leaf , and cherry ) :


  1. Now that is my kind of furniture, Love gold guilded palace funiture , Italians know how to make furniture that stand out from the rest!

  2. I love the Italian style furniture.It looks similar to the French Rococo style.

  3. hello, I love it all,but I would like to know where to buy thiws furniture, thankyou.

    1. i can make its im produce hassan jepara indonesia


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