Refinishing Antiques Furniture in 10 Steps

  1. Don't Try to refinish A Rare or valuable Piece of furniture your self .
  2. Refinishing is the best option if the antique is sticky after being cleaned , there are dark spots under the wood or the finish is cracked under surface are 
  3. To clean a piece of antique first wash it with soapy water to see if removing dirt will make difference. 
  4. Spread a Thick Coat of paint strippers over the wood surface.
  5. on large flat surfaces paint stripper directly on the wood surface then spread quickly with a natural bristle brush 
  6. Carefully remove old finish and strippers on areas that are carved , remove as you can using scraper and brushes 
  7. You have to Wash your antiques furniture with lacquer thinner and Scotchbrite pad to remove any remaining finish and the wax remaining from the furniture stripper 
  8. to be sure that no finish is still remaining wipe down with shops rags and more lacquer thinner.
  9. Allow suitable time for antique furniture to be dried.
  10. When it is dried apply the antique finish you desire.  


  1. I'm looking for what I call country rustic. Old barn wood, hutches, butcher blocks, etc. What style would that be called? I have an antique hutch that is a burnt red color with very little dull yellow and black showing through due to age. I would like to match my washroom doors pretty similar to the hutch. Please assist me in the technique. I am very new to these types of procedures but am very interested in learning.Than you in advance for your assistance. God Bless. Micki Bowman

  2. i recommend you to check this website you will find good book can help you in your learning


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