7 Steps to Start Antiques Furniture Business

It is easy to start antique furniture business but first you have to love antiques furniture , then turn this into very profitable business using the following steps :
  1. If you don't like antique furniture don't open this business develop a passion for antique furniture 
  2. You have to get enough money to hire an inventory you have to get cash money to buy items 
  3. Do a market research and find which antiques furniture the buyers will be interested and will be sold quickly 
  4. You have to hire an inventory to store your products regularly check your local classified ads 
  5. Make a relationship with other antique furniture business owners and learn from them the tricks to be able to identify fake antique furniture
  6. Start Small and as business grows you can rent a space in a mall and open your own location. 
  7. List your items for sales in your website to be available for antique lovers around the world.


  1. thank you for your advices... i'll start to be a antique furniture manufacture in jepara indonesia

  2. you are welcome and i invite you to subscribe in my monthly contest to win 2000 $ antique furniture value just enter your email and name in the form in the top right

  3. what about how to start reproduction,copied,or replica antique furniture ?
    do you have any tips ?
    please advise.

    many thanks,

  4. in the next posts i will write tips about starting reproduction or replica or copied furniture business

  5. i love you styles!!!


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