Identify the Style of Antique Chair and Table

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Hi! I sure hope you can help me. I have a chair and a table that belonged to my parents. I have searched all over the internet and cannot find anything even close. I don’t know the maker, the style or anything about them. I would really appreciate ANY info you could give me. I have attached pictures for you to view. Thank you so much for your time.

My Opinion : These types of antique furniture is The Rococo Style which is the style of 18th-century painting and decoration characterized by lightness, delicacy, and elaborate ornamentation. The rococo period corresponded roughly to the reign (1715- 74) of King Louis XV of France


  1. I'm not a pro - but the wide angle of the arm rests - and the details at the bottom of the feet -> not an original. Made to style 1890-1910? or even way later. (word of mouth in the family will give you more info - as well as the type of nails and hardware used. Also try the family archives to find a furniture store delivery receipt or a prenup detail or something)

    also, the sexiness - or lack of - on the figurines can help you with the country of origin / date of the copy.

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