Marie Antoinette's bed at Versailles Palace In France

Antique Furniture hand carved gold gilt canopy over Marie Antoinette's bed at Versailles

This is the hand carved gold gilt Bed known as Marie Antoinette's bed at Versailles. It is carved with a rooster on the top, the symbol of France and gilted with three tone gold leaf. Three types of 22k gold leaf, yellow gold, green and red.The summer Hangings on the canopy executed for Marie Antoinette is hand woven Lyon silk with braid & tassels.This was only used in the summer. Curtains, walls fabric and furniture upholstery was changed with the seasons at Versailles


  1. i like that post -this palace look great

  2. Wonderful photos, great post! Your knowledge of various antique furniture types is amazing. Wow!

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  4. Absolutely beautiful.....

    I just love it!

    Juanita Wayda

  5. I have a bed, said to have been, commissioned for marie antoinette. 1 of 9 specifically. it was purchased by my great great uncle in louisiana from a pawn shop.It was sold by french exiles. any info you may have would be great.


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