Reproduction Furniture Louis XV HairDressing Armchair

Antique Rerproduction Furniture Louis XV HairDressing Armchair

Queen’s-style grooming armchair,

around 1760

Dimensions : 81 H x 64 W x 55 D cm

Original : collection of a Brussels’s antique dealer

Simple and lively, this grooming Louis XV chair, also called chair (wig chair) or (hair-dressing chair), seems to have been designed to facilitate the dressing of a lady’s hair. The top rail of the back of this antique french furniture is designed to allow access to the head. Usually, it was cabriolet chairs that were in favour for this particular arrangement.

The simple moulding is enlivened by a bundle bound with stylised ribbon, which adds further elegance to this charming piece of antique furniture.

The general shape of the structural design and its finish are evocative of the simple works of the Gourdin dynasty or the more refined ones of a certain Nicolas-Quinibert Foliot.


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