Identify Chair and Dresser Style Period

I'm posing email sent by mike

I know little about antiques however I have several I don't know what period of time they are from,what they might be worth, and I don't know how to go about selling them. I am attaching a picture of the dressers and chairs. If you can give me any guidance on the questions set forth above I sure would appreciate it.

i try to find any related information about these antique furniture pieces but i found nothing in my library so please if any blog member have an idea about these antique furniture your comments will be highly appreciated


  1. I somehow associate this with Fort Vancouver, OR. circa 1850.

    IIRC Fort Vancouver Chief Factor's Residence is furnished with mostly French antiques. but there is a something that connects in my mind - actually with both the dresser and the chairs.

    good luck.

  2. can someone help me id a wooden picture. it looks like a painting, but it is made from different kinds of wood. i need some backround. reach me at box number 100 @


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