Identify Armchair Style Period

i'm posing an email sent by Chuck

i was wondering if you could help identify it. It is probably a copy of an antique.

This armchair is Remarkable through its dimensions and proportions, this little chair, was used for multiple purposes complementary to other chairs making part of a series with the same decoration and decor.

Simple, in terms of decoration as well as moulding, this chair belongs to the canon of the Louis XVI style : French style period reverting to classicism, inspired by the straight lines of ancient Greece and Rome, from 1777 to 1790, corresponding roughly to the reign of Louis XVI (1774 – 1793) The period, and the intermediate styles coming in between Louis XV and Louis XVI are known as “transitional” in the trade and “neoclassical” by researchers.; which turns it into an ornament that is not overcrowding and can be used for multiple purposes.

if any one have more info this will be highly apprciated


  1. it's too special to be a plain Paris piece of furniture. I'd look into French craftsmanship made for or even made in a foreign country (ie another european court).

    Empress Catherine II ??? Austrian collection?


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