Louis XV Caned Cabriolet Chair

Antique Louis XV Caned Cabriolet Chair

Circa , 1755

Dimensions: 96 H * 54 W * 46 D cm

Seat height: 45 cm

Original: Private Collection - Gent


a verve in design of antique chairs is found and a nervosity of the curves and counter curves proper to Cresson or even of the fine and detained production of certain Lyonese cabinet makers such as François Canot (born in Paris) or the inspiration of certain Parisian works that we find with Reuze, Nadal, Pierre Rémy, Lelarge , Lebas or other inspired authors.

This louis xv chair designs difference between Lyon and Paris is not so clear here, since we have the best of two schools ( Caned Cabriolet Chair ) , find more antique furniture information in antique furniture blog

Remarkable is amoung others the back which has a surprising rhythm marked by a generous dynamism of curves punctuated by gracefull sculpting with fine designs and balanced lay-out that support the purpose without distraction.


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