Biedermeier Chair

Antique Biedermeier chair

Austria, circa 1830.

Dimensions : 91 H x 47 W x 44 D cm.

Original : private collection, Austria.

The eye is first attracted by pure and simple lines, characterizing the sober style of a vigorous chair having lost the imperial grandeur but still offering a more cheerful neo-classicism. The simple, yet strong, lines of the Antique chair bind it to the antique European style chairs taste of the beginning of the XIX th century and reveal a modern character perfectly adapted to our days please , Find cheap deals on reproductions of antique French, Italian, Spanish and other varieties of vintage Chandeliers in Reproduction Antique Chandeliers.


  1. Am looking for a dining table approx 1,20 round wih one central
    leg support with extensions (preferably walnut). Please advise if
    you have that or can make one.

    Marylea van Daalen
    Berlin, Germany

  2. Nice black chair.
    Just don,t like your yellow color.
    If you use the lighter color for the cousin it may be looked more nice.


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