Antique Large Armchair of Early Louis XV Era

Antique Large armchair of the early Louis XV era

Dimensions: 108 H * 78 W * 63 D cm

Seat height: 45 cm

Original: Private collection in Gent

This large Louis XV armchair with a vast comfort and inventive forms dates of approximately 1740-45, and seems destined to offer protection against drafts and heat of a blazing fire.

Meanwhile only the top of the armrests of this antique louis XV Armchair present sidepanels with harmonious designs and counter curves, while the line of the rails also corresponds to this repertory that we even find on the top of the back.

The profile breaks in a bended protrusion that finds its rhythm in the bended protrusion of the counter curves. This antique french furniture originality can also be found in the flawless and arched curves at the bottom of the legs at european reproduction furniture .

The very discrete and chisseled sculpting is the organ point that makes this a very high quality antique Louis XV reproduction armchair.

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