Shiraz Carpet is A Type of Iran Persian Rug

Antique Shiraz Iranian carpet

Iran circa 1940

Measurements of Antique Shiraz Iranian carpet :H: 61 inches L: 79 inches


This Antique Shiraz Iranian carpet is a type of Reproduction Antique Persian rug made in the villages around the city of Shiraz. The designs of Shiraz Carpet tend to come from settled tribal weavers so they mimic Qashqai, Khamseh, Afshar, Abadeh and Luri designs. Since the weavers use fixed looms the rugs tend to be larger and often coarser then their tribal counterparts. Shiraz rugs are not often very finely knotted, both Qashqai and Abadeh have a finer knot. Shiraz utilize the Persian (asymmetrical) knot. The design of Shiraz carpets is geometric, sometimes featuring a pole medallion in the center. Shiraz carpets use red and brown colors and often use diamond-shaped lozenges as the primary motif. Borders often have smaller bands around a larger band with palm and pine leaf designs. These rugs are Antique Reproduction Furniture made from very strong wool, clipped a medium height, using a wool warp and weft. This means they are not always completely straight. Being handmade, this is to be expected and not necessarily a fault in the rug. This Antique Furniture rug is relatively square and in original unrestored condition, there are no holes but some wear on the fringe .


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