Repainting , Staining and Varnishing Furniture

For Repainting Furniture

Thoroughly clean piece to be refinished. Lightly sand object, sanding with the direction of the grain when possible. The objective is to create ‘tooth’ on the surface. By sanding the finished surface, the surface becomes slightly rough (creating tooth) and allows the subsequent layer of primer to effectively ‘bite’ onto the surface, or to adhere properly.

Once primer is completely dry, begin applying base color (for decorative techniques) or finished coat (for one color application).

For waxed surfaces, it is recommended that the furniture be completely stripped so that no wax or residue remains before repainting, staining or varnishing Furniture.

For Staining and Varnishing

Remove existing paint, stain, varnish or wax by using the stripper and stripping method of your choice. The furniture can also be ‘dipped’ in a chemical bath to remove the existing finish. This should be performed by a professional facility only.


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