To Fashion Bergere Chair and Respecting the antique originals

A bergere chair is a large armchair of French origin.

These Bergere chairs were first produced during the French Regency period, and they gradually spread to other regions of Europe. Many people with a French country decorating theme like to use bergere chairs in their decor, and more modernist styles may also mesh well with other design schemes. Antique Furniture and antiques stores both tend to carry this style of chair, and it is also possible to order them through online retailers.

Taking one’s time is not a luxury of the past.

In today’s world, everything is expected to be instant.
And yet time is needed to meet the requirements and standards of high quality which we have set for ourselves :

To fashion wood carving seat frames respecting the antique originals they are modeled after.
To upholster the seats according to the rules of the craft To add the meticulous finishing touches.


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