Louis XVI Sofa and Marquise

Antique Louis XVI Sofa

Two-seater Louis XVI sofa inspired by Jacob.

Dimensions : 90 h x 157 w x 65 d cm.

This generous, two-seater sofa is of the same style, carving and construction as the marquise and thus has the same advantages in comfort and decor.

Antique Louis XVI Marquise

this Louis XVI marquise inspired by Jacob.

Dimensions : 90 h x 80 w x 65 d cm.

This marquise partners sofa and are part of the whole antique living room louis XVI Set . The hand-carved tracery runs to right and left from the centre of the rails to provide greater refinement. This antique furniture model was made by a Paris carpenter of the Second Empire period, inspired by Georges Jacob you can find this type of antique furniture in furniture store sydney and alot of valuable items


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