Egyptian Furniture : Tut Ankh Amun Chair

This Tut Ankh Amun Chair is an accomplished example of the Egyptian Furniture craftsmen's art in the New Kingdom. The arms of the Tut Ankh Amun Chair form two winged serpents wearing the double crown. Two protective lion's heads top the frontal legs and the four legs terminate in lion's paws. The back of the egyptian furniture chair depicts Tutankhamon and his wife in an affectionate scene. The king is seated comfortably on a cushioned throne while his wife stands facing him, tenderly touching his shoulders with one hand, while holding a jar of unguent in the other. Here again the Amarna style is evident as the Aten's rays reach the couples nostrils to give them life.


  1. The Egyptian furniture Tut ankh is great. Have a look at it


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