Antique Regence Rocaille Chair & Armchair

Antique French Regence Rocaille Chair & Armchair

Parisian Regence chair, circa 1740, in the Rocaille style in vogue early in the reign of Louis XV.

Dimensions of Antique Regence Rocaille Chair : 100 h x 50 w x 45 d cm.

The characteristics of this antique Regence chair and armchair are present here - no deep mouldings, carvings of medium depth, rocaille elements (in the centre of the stretchers, on the legs and on the edges of the rails and the back). This chair has a stretcher, as does the matching armchair (RTF1) which is quite frequently found on this type of model, which is simple and elegant. It is fully-caned, as was dictated by the fashion of the time.

Antique Regence Chairs and Armchairs which are reproduction antique like this are rather rare (very few bear a stamp, as they are earlier than 1743).


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