Antique Chaise lounge

Antique French Chaise Lounge Directoire Style

End of the XVIII th century.

Dimensions of Antique Chaise Lounge : 89 H x 144 L x 72 W cm.

Original : Antiquarian, Paris.

This lovely Antique Chaise Lounge , is extremely comfortable and yet perfectly up to date. One can note the altogether flexible and nervous forms on which runs a subtle but not very deep carving made of acanthus leaves and foliated scrolls, accentuated by rosettes, flowers and vases. The sabre legs ending in caprine hoof remind of the “à la Turque “ style, close to the French revolution and curiously inspired by Etruscan forms, of which Madame Elisabeth was so found for her castle of Montreuil.
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  1. Hi, My family has a antique chaise lounge (or fainting couch) which has the same wrap around back. What is the style and name of this piece of furniture? I cannot find other examples of it.


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