Italian Reproduction BedRoom

Italian Reproduction BedRoom Hand-Carved and Hand-Painted

Italian Reproduction bedroom completely hand-carved out of solid wood and hand-painted as well.

Dimensions of Italian Reproduction Bedroom set

Queen Size Bed 59"W x 78.8"D
Bed Side Tables 28.3"W x 17.7"D x 28.3"H
Vanity Dresser 82.7"W x 20.8"D x 30.7"H
Vanity Mirror 63"W x 2.1"D x 47.8"H
Dresser Bench 18.9"W x 18.9"D x 19,7"H
2-Door Armoire 43.3"W x 19.7"D x 78.8"H
Lounge 36.2"W x 36.2"D x 47.3"H $3.1


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