Antique French Fireside Armchair and Footrest Louis XVI Style

Antique Louis XVI Fireside Armchair and Footrest

Circa 1780.

Dimensions :
Antique Armchair = 94.5 h x 81 w x 67 d cm
Antique Footrest = 42.5 H x 81 W x 64 D cm.

Original : Antiquarian in Normandy.

This remarkable Parisian Antique fireside armchair makes a low and munificent seat, having the look of a bergere with unupholstered sides. Derived from a “chauffeuse” (low chair), which had to be lower than the king’s chair, it is a luxurious and uncommonly comfortable seat. One will notice the important slant of the back, the slope of the turned back legs, the curve of the armrests and the important size of this aristocratic Antique armchair.

With its refined bead carving, acanthus leaves, rais de coeur coupled with ribbon, it can be attributed to Jean-Baptiste Sené or his brother but it could altogether have come out of the workshop of J-B Boulard or one of the Jacobs, all appointed by the king.


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