How to Antique Furniture

How to Antique Furniture

To antique furniture is to give it a distressed look is a great way to revive outdated or worn pieces, as well as achieve character and age newer pieces. Antiquing furniture techniques have improved dramatically over the years On chair, for example, the points of the arms tend to lose some color and the edges tend to round. That is a great antiquing furniture technique to do to a new chair or piece of furniture. Another great antiquing furniture technique is to take a fine-point black marker and create a few specks on the legs or arms of your piece of furniture. The bottom line, don't go overboard with distressing furniture because too much can be detrimental to the look.

To give wood furniture an antiquing look The marks of two hundred years of wear and tear should faithfully reproduced, from dust and woodworm holes to the luster and natural patina of a wood which has aged gracefully

To allow the wood to be deeply impregnated with successive layers of wax, each piece stands for several days in our workshops between the different finishing stages. This method gives a solution to know how to antique furniture by giving the chair a natural ageing effect and a warmer and livelier patina. What is more, all the patinas will become more pronounced over the years.


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