Antique French Empire Chair

Antique Empire chair

circa 1805-1810.
Dimensions : 95 h x 50 w x 43 d cm.
Seat height : 47 cm.

This pure Antique French Empire chair, with a powerful yet not heavy look, is typical for the taste of the early 19th century which is inspired by the Etruscan style and furthermore and mainly by the discoveries of Napoleon in the Egyptian expeditions. Firmly balanced on the back legs in the shape of sabres, this chair offers us turned front legs with ornamented extremities in the shape of stylised lotus leaves. This motif is repeated in the extremities and middle of the
horizontal lictor bundles that cover the backrest. The simple and refined moulding that runs along the rails is deliberately simple and does not tarnish the reputation
of the author. We notice in the same way the wanted simplicity of the joints.

Finished, be it painted, be it in waxed mahogany, she possesses inventory numbers in the interior of the rails of the original model which proves the official origin. It could be attributed to Bellangé, Marcion or Jacob- Desmalter.


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