Art Nouveau Armchair

Art Nouveau armchair

Circa 1900.

Dimensions : 121 H x 63 W x 54 D cm.

Seat height : 35 cm.

This art nouveau armchair, which is not lacking in originality and graphic lines, dates from the late 19th century. It was part of the set of George Bernard

Shaw’s play “Heartbreak House”, which premiered on 27th November 1999. The play was directed by Michel Dubois, with sets by Jean-Pierre Larroche. This piece would then seem to have been in the limelight again as part of the set for a Patrice Chéreau film.

Its high pierced back gives it a look which is both graceful and dramatic. Skilfully designed with elegance, its graceful upthrust employs rigid lines with only slight curves. Its back is the key element, inspiring an almost Gothic elevation. With a rhythm created by very discreet plant motifs (bunches of grapes, leaves and stems), this chair is completely innovative.


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