Antique Russian Armchair Furniture

Russian Armchair

Circa 1810.

Dimensions : 89 H x 63.5 W x 49.5 D cm.

Drawing-room height.

Original : Private collection, Doctor T.

This lovely “à la reine” drawing-room Russian chair reminds of a fairly widespread style in Europe at the beginning of the XIX th century. The classical forms inspired by the Etruscan, Roman or Egyptian antiquity differ from that period by arms ending in caryatids, linked to the armrest itself by a double jointing hidden in an elegant foliage. Sabre rear legs are topped by a rare and carved high crossbar. The front leg ends naturally with a feline paw. The sober architecture is adorned with a skilful disposition of laurels, rosettes and foliages referring to the European standards of that period.


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