Louis XV winged fireside bergere

Louis XV winged fireside bergere - Jean-Baptiste Cresson

Circa 1755.

Dimensions : 109 H x 81 W x 61 D cm.

Seat height : 46 cm.

Original : Private collection, Allier-France.

This Louis XV bergere Created by talented woodsman Jean-Baptiste Cresson, this magnificent wide and comfortable winged chair invites one to relax. Known as a panelled or winged chair, it resembles a fireside bergère with its low seat, ample dimensions and functionality, but is rarer with its elegant and bold ornamentation which gives it its noble bearing.

A succession of generous serpentine curves creates a rhythm in the piece’s welcoming lines marked by sculpted plant motifs which date this rare and elegant chair as from the mid-18th century.

Jean-Baptiste Cresson (1720-1781)

This master antique furniture cabinet-maker worked in 1741 in Rue de Cléry in Paris ; he descended from a long line of cabinet-makers apprenticed to other famous woodsmen such as Nadal. A remarkable feature is the excellent quality of this master craftsman’s work, in both the Rocaille and Louis XV styles.


  1. If i could afford this i would ruin it instantly by drooling all over it.

  2. These boast of your rich artistic senses make the observers envious.

  3. Anyone sitting on the chair would really feel like a king.
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